Usage Policy

Violation of Usage Conduct: If you are found violating the terms of usage or indulging in unfair and unlawful activities that might cause permanent harm, Website can, without prior notice and at its sole discretion, restrict your access to the online portal and block you from making any transactions on the website in the future, and obtain any reasonable relief that may seem appropriate or necessary in aforesaid circumstances.

Termination of Agreement:
The usage terms continue to apply to every transaction made with Website until you or the website terminates them. If you wish to terminate the agreement with, you can easily do so by either.

Not accessing the website at all, Or
By sending a request on email for closing your account for all the products and services you are using at present, where the option is made available by can, at any time, and with or without any prior notice, terminate the usage terms or just a part of it, if:

• You are found breaching any provisions of the terms, privacy policy or other policies and terms and conditions that are applicable to you, or acting in such a manner that clearly demonstrates your unwillingness or inability to comply with the terms.
• is required to go down that road while following the law or in case when services provided to you are no longer viable in the interest of the website.
• has decided to discontinue your access to the online portal, its products and services, with or without providing any reason.
• can also suspend or terminate all or a certain part of your account or the ability to use any services with or without giving any prior reason. However, as per certain additional terms and conditions applicable to particular products and services, the account termination might include:
• Complete removal of access to all the products and services offered at
• Deletion of your account information such as login ID, password and personal preferences and other files and materials present in your account.
• Complete barring from using the services any further.

You agree that Website will make all terminations in sole discretion and will not be held accountable to you or any other external or third party for the termination of an account and the access to the products and services.

All the usage terms, notwithstanding the previous, will remain intact and fully applicable until and unless terminated by the

If Website or you terminate the use of services, can delete all the content and material related to your website usage and upon doing so, Website will not be liable to you or any other third party.

Report Abuse: In case of any kind of abuse or the violation of the aforesaid terms or if there is any objectionable content available on the website or mailed to you by the website, reporting to the customer support staff of Website would help resolve the issue at the earliest.